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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Chloe is here!

Here are some quick pics of our trip to the hospital to start our cute little family. Crystine did an amazing job and it actually went fairly easy and painless... We got put in the training room that the hospital doesn't use unless it is really full, which was the case for us. So we had nurses in the room every once in a while and most of the supplies and equipment needed wasn't in the room either. But things turned out well and Dr. Cope did an awesome job with a bunch of us makeshift nurses. Crystine went in at a six and 7 hours later had our cute little Chloe Crystine Carter. She kind of came out a cone head, but it has since gone down and she is super cute. These aren't the best shots we had considering we had 4 or 5 cameras in the room, but they give you a quick idea. We will post some much more cute ones later. Thanks to everyone for their love and support.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

These are the family pictures my awesome sister-in-law took of Me, Tom and......

Yes we are having a baby!!!! We are both super excited! When I first found out I was prego I experienced a whirlwind of emotions! Supposedly those dang emotions just come with the territory of being pregnant along with a lot of nausea and mucho mucho throwing up! Anyway so when we found out we were so excited, surprised and nervous about being parents. At the same time we (mostly me) were somewhat heartbroken that my Mom and Dad would not be here through this exciting time!

We told my parents on Mother’s Day! We e-mailed them the picture with the bow and had them pull it up while we were on Skype! I was bawling like a baby cause I knew it was breaking my Mom’s heart she could not be here. They actually put on a really good show and were super excited! They kept saying how happy they were for us. When we got off I told Tom that they didn’t even seem that sad that they were not going to be here! Later I found out from my brother that my mom bawled for the next three hours after we told her! They are such a great strength and support to us! We love them and miss them a lot!

Now we are a few months into the pregnancy and pretty much over the morning sickness or better said the all day and night never ending death, but we our loving our new little adventure of life! We are more excited than ever and I am dealing with my parents not being here better than before. The things that still get me are that my dad is not going to be there at the hospital or in the circle to bless the baby! I am doing better with the idea of not having my mom here to go shopping for maternity clothes and baby clothes or there to help me know what I needed to buy and here to help prepare me to be a good mom both now and after the baby is born. Luckily Tom and I have awesome family and friends with lots of love and support to help us!!

We got Carter family pictures May 29, 2010 my sister-in-law Ashleigh took these pictures too! She already knew we were expecting so she helped us tell Tom’s family! On the last pose we were in she took some pictures and then said “we are almost done just a few more…. Okay everyone say Tom and Crystine are having a baby”. Then shot their reactions….it took them a second

In January Crystine's parents left on a mission to Peru and we decided to move into their home to take care of it while they are gone. We were sad to leave our little cute basement we had been living since we got married. So here are a few pictures of our living room right before we started packing it all up. It was a great place to live to start our married life together. We miss it.... just not the spiders!

A Utah Man Sir!

We have gone to the U of U football games for the past few years. This is us trying to be hardcore fans. We get tickets in the student sdection called the MUSS(Mighty Utah Student Section). If you get stuck int he first couple of rows it gets really crazy. Crystine almost got puked on and the student are good at sneaking things in! But we have a lot of fun and love to cheer for our Utes! Go Utes!

Our 2nd Anniversary

We went to Midway for our 2nd Anniversary. We stayed at the Homestead, which was really fun. This is a picture of us out in the garden area of the hotel. They had a free concert that night. Midway is a nice area, but there are just a few places to eat and some are pretty crazy and weird! We still had fun though!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cozumel 2008

We went to Cozumel, Mexico in August of last year. We are just now getting to putting some stuff on here. Here is a picture of us on a ship that was quite interesting. We cannot go any further than that here! There is also a video from another day when we went to Cancun. We stayed behind to buy some things and had some time to burn. Crystine is explaining our cool sand castle. This was the same day we went to some Mayan ruins, so she is very insightful! The other picture is of our Mayan tour guide(he found that hat in a garabage can! J/K Go Utes Baby! Go Utes!!!). It was a long hot day, but fun! It was a great trip and we owe Wayne Leary big time for it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Corn Maze

We went to a corn maze with a couple of our 7 nieces a few weeks a ago. I just found this picture on my phone of Crystine and our niece Allisa. They went for a spin on the animal train. It was pretty fun for us, but probably a lot more fun for the kids!
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